About Me

About Miss Guthrie


High School:  I graduated from Elm Creek High School, which is just West of Kearney, NE.

Undergraduate School:  I went to the University of Nebraska Lincoln for five years and got two different degrees.  I got a Bachelors of Science degree in mathematics as well as a degree in secondary education focusing on math.  I also got my teaching certificate at that time.

 Graduate School:  I plan on attending classes at UNL and working towards a Master of Arts for Teachers.

Teaching:  I student taught at Lincoln Southwest.  This let me experience teaching higher level (Pre-Calculus) and lower level (Algebra Extended) during a block schedule.  I spent part of the next year subbing in the Lincoln Public School system, at both high schools and middle schools, teaching a variety of math classes.  Now I teach Algebra 1A, Geometry and Algebra 2 at Plattsmouth High School and also work with academy students in math.